NOBODY Messes With MY Car


electrified car defense systemDon’t you hate it when somebody messes with your car? When they lean against it, or bang it with a shopping cart, or, god forbid, they run a key down the side of it?

Even more so when they break in and steal your stuff, or the vehicle itself!

Wouldn’t you like to be able to knock them on their ass if they mess with your vehicle?

Yea, us too. So we did something about it. We electrified our car. It works great.

You can, too, with the all-new, patented* Car Zapper 9000!


Shocked by car.The Car Zapper 9000 combines electric fence and modern technologies to electrify all of the metal on your vehicle, when you set it. If anybody so much as touches your car or truck, they get a sudden, painful, 10,000 volt ZAP!

Yea, like the guy on the left.

If you’ve ever touched an electric fence, you know how painful and scary it is. That’s exactly what the Car Zapper 9000 does.

It’s OK, our technology is completely safe – it’s UL listed as “safe for humans.”

electric car defense system - electric fenceIt’s safe and non-lethal, but, man, does it hurt. One ZAP and that person will never touch your car again.

Hook the Car Zapper 9000 into your existing car alarm or electric door locks, and whenever you set the alarm or click the locks, your Car Zapper 9000 is armed. Click again, and it’s off.

Window stickers and blinking red LEDs warn passersby to keep away – you have a Car Zapper 9000, and you’re not afraid to use it!.


automobile electric fenceSmart thieves take one look at your armed car and continue on by. Dumb thieves put one hand on your vehicle and become brighter!

The Car Zapper 9000 prevents carjacking. Hit the emergency switch and your Car Zapper 9000 arms instantly. Since you’re safely inside the vehicle and the tires insulate you, you won’t feel a thing. But the ‘jacker that just grabbed your door gets the shock of his life – he’s knocked back, away from the car. He’s usually knocked on his butt – or flat on his back – making it easy for you to calmly drive away.

electric fences for vehiclesWith crime up 300% across America, doesn’t it make sense to do all you can to protect your property and loved ones?

Because the Car Zapper 9000 works by putting out a very high voltage pulse – 10,000 volts – once a second, for only 0.00005 seconds, it can run for months without draining your battery.


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Here’s What You Get

The Complete Car Zapper 9000 Vehicle Security Kit

perimeter defense cars trucks12 volt to 10,000 volt Car Zapper 9000 Pulsing Energizer
perimeter defense for trailersIntegrated High Voltage Meter
High Voltage Connection Cables
carjacking defenseDPDT Switch and Mounting Bracket (On/Off/Automatic)
Automatic Ground Cable
electric fence for cars suppliesActivation Relay
electric fence for cars suppliesFuse Block and Three Fuses
electric fence for trucks suppliesColor-coded Wiring – over 100 ft.
theft preventionWire Nuts and High Voltage Connectors
car alarm parts and suppliesMounting Screws and Double-Sided Tape
2 Red LEDs With Mounts, that blink when your Car Zapper 9000 is on
4 “Danger – High Voltage – Car Zapper 9000″ Warning Stickers
unusual solutionsEasy Wiring Diagrams, Schematics, Illustrations and Photos
carjacking defense systemMounting Templates
stop dogs from peeing on my car wheelsDebugging and Troubleshooting Guide
Live Engineering and Tech Support from our American (Tampa, FL) factory

Nothing else is required except a few common tools.


Options and Upgrades

If you don’t have electric door locks or a car alarm, we have a wireless security alarm that connects to the Car Zapper 9000. Great for classic vehicles; installs in 10 minutes.

car perimeter security radar.We also have a talking radar-based proximity sensor that senses when somebody is approaching your car, and calls out, “Warning! Stand back! This vehicle is electrified! Protected by Car Zapper 9000! Electrified Vehicle! Keep away!”

Other options include movement and tilt sensors that will sound an alarm if somebody climbs on your vehicle or attempts to move it.

For trailers we also have battery and smart charger upgrades; depending on battery size, the Car Zapper 9000 can run for several months on a battery charge.

Add the solar panel upgrade, and your trailer can run a Car Zapper 9000 indefinitely.

All of these options integrate flawlessly with your Car Zapper 9000, and come with our famous tech support.



If you have basic mechanic or electric skills you can install the Car Zapper 9000 yourself in an hour or less. Full, detailed, illustrated instructions are included.

For the rest of us, any decent car service center, car alarm dealer, aftermarket speaker dealer or auto dealer will be able to do the simple installation for you.

If you, or they, have any trouble or questions, call our tech support hotline and we’ll talk you through it. You can also contact us by fax, email, text, Skype, etc. We’re very accessible.

Once we go to market with the (new and patented*) Car Zapper 9000, we’ll post a list of local installers and their flat-rate prices.


Tools Required

Drill, drill bits, pliers, screwdriver.


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electric defense and carjacking preventionIs it legal?

The Car Zapper is as legal as an electric fence, in all 50 States.

Despite all that’s happened to America, you still have the right to defend yourself and your property from criminals.

When somebody comes on your property to break into your car they’ve already committed a crime by being on your property. That, combined with the warning signs on your car, and the flashing warning lights, constitutes fair warning.

Same thing at work – the parking lot is private property, and the thief or vandal has already committed a crime just by being there.

The carjacking scenario is even more straightforward – when you’re in fear for your life, even the use of deadly force is legal.

Use Common Sense – We don’t recommend you use the Car Zapper 9000 in a crowded shopping center parking lot. Of course people are going to accidentally bump into your car and get zapped.

If you have something nice that you’re taking care of – car, truck, trailer – aren’t you already parking in an open part of the lot and walking a bit farther?

Lawsuits? All of the lawsuits we’ve found involving electric fence technology boil down to 1) using multiple energizers and thus having an unregulated voltage, and 2) plugging an electric fence directly into a wall outlet, which can fry somebody.

Remember – the UL listed technology in the Car Zapper 9000 is safe and non-lethal. It’s not really the electric pulse that hurts. The pulse is too quick. The electric pulse causes a quick muscular reaction – compress, then release – and that’s what causes the pain. An electric pulse of 0.00005 or 0.00010 seconds isn’t anywhere near long enough to do any physical injury.


vehicle protection systemsOur Guarantee

electrified securityWe know that you’re going to love your Car Zapper 9000 so much that we’re offering the best possible deal imaginable:

Use the Car Zapper 9000 FREE for one month. If you aren’t completely, 100% satisfied, return it for a full refund!

You have Absolutely No Risk!



The Car Zapper 9000 has a one year warranty on all parts and materials.


Global Compatibility Is Built In

Because the Car Zapper 9000 is a 12 volt DC product, it will work on any car or truck made anywhere in the world, as long as the vehicle has a metal body.


How to Get One

The Car Zapper 9000 package will begin shipping to stores in the Summer of 2014.

Until that time, you can get a Kit version right now at our online store. It lacks some of the features of the 9000 model, but will sure give anyone who touches your car a powerful zap!

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Intelligent Fencing Systems, Inc.
333 N. Faulkenberg Rd., Suite A-104
Tampa, FL 33619
Tech Support: (813) 315-8082


Bonus Benefit

Have you noticed how dog piss discolors your expensive mag wheels? If a dog pees on your car when your Car Zapper 9000 is armed he gets zapped. That’ll teach him not to piss on your car!


Additional Uses

Do you have an idea for a unique or unusual use for the Car Zapper 9000? If so, let us know in a comment below, and you might win one!



Product Release Update

Dr. Jim Carey17 Feb 2014, by Jim Carey

As a proof of concept, the Car Zapper 9000s we’ve built are working great. Adding a remote control to turn it on and off is easy; in many cars the Zapper can be wired to the existing door locks or other alarm-controlled devices. Piece of cake. Same with adding the panic button inside the vehicle.

Our production problem is in the grounding system. We run a wire from the vehicle to ground, then anybody that touches the vehicle gets a shock. People in the vehicle are safe.

The issue is with the automatic grounding device. We have yet to find a way to quickly and reliably retract the grounding plate when the vehicle starts to move.

That’s why we’re issuing the “kit” as an interim product. In kit form, you have to attach one of the leads to ground when you activate the system.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know.



  1. John says:

    I just finished watching the protesters in Ferguson Mi. They are stopping police cars in the streets and vandalizing and threatening police officers. What if police cars where equipped with these ,to be used in riot control situations ? Might save a officers life and help to keep the crowds moving along.

  2. Michael Woodruff says:

    Hello, please contact me by email to exchange numbers as I represent owners of a custom shop in the middle east and would like to touch bases and speak to you about carrying your gadget there.

    Thank you and waiting,
    Michael Woodruff

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    reason that here every data is quality based data.

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  5. Lawrence Mudge says:

    Dear Jim Carey. A friends, friend of mine was doing something very similar to this as early as 25 years ago. It was a model A coil that has the built in gap adjustment, so no points were needed to make it operate. However, the draw was like 30 amps while it was on, so it could only be used while you were in the car. What we were doing at that time to make the earth ground hot, was the spark output was connected to a bicycle chain that of course would drive the ground.

    I’m unclear what you’re offering with this kit at this time, but I will be buying it in place of a $400 alarm with FOB alarm detection. Someone in my apartment parking lot, has taken liberties to do thousands of dollars worth of damage to my paint job, and in my attempts to touch it up, I have done more damage. One scratch was so bad you could see it standing 60 feet away. I have also caught a car prowler checking door handles one morning on my car camera, and I’m sure when he ran over to the side of mine, he pulled it as well.

    I hope the bicycle chain is a good fix for you. If the problem is simply that you’re not allowed to have anything touching the ground while driving, then what you can do is have an optional attachment which could pull up the chain by heavy duty string, simply by a switch that detects when you’re in Drive mode.

    Hope that helps.

  6. jon says:

    Will it work at keeping cats off my car?

  7. Paul says:

    I was recently in Thailand and heard complaints about the damage that monkeys to to vehicles in some areas. A great market for you. I found your site when I Googled the idea. You beat me to it! Kudos!!

  8. Adam says:

    The store where I work has a rear service door in an under-cover alcove of the laneway/alley in back of the store. Idiots seem to look at it as an opportunity to avoid the long (read: 75-metre) walk to the automated public toilets nearby. This would be great to protect the back door and zap those pests!

  9. Terri says:

    Will your product work for 18wheeled trucks? We’ve had tires stolen three times. Of course no help with recovery from the police.

  10. Carlyn VanMil says:

    How do I order one of these?

  11. Bilal Osman says:

    Dear Sir
    We are interested in purchasing this particular item for Kenya as we are experiencing high amount of vehicle robberies in our particular country. Kindly mail me more details and prices so as we can start marketing this particular product.

  12. Michael says:

    Can i became as Authorized dealer for Czech Republic?

  13. Phil says:

    Is it possible to connect your system to a car alarm so that when the car alarm is activated your system ‘arms’ and electrifies the car.
    Would it also be possible to install ‘pads’ in the car seat so that when the system is armed it would be impossible to sit in the drivers seat.

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      Yes to both, Phil.

      • Phil says:

        Could you expand a little on how to do this as I’m a total electrical novice, also how much does your system cost (plus postage to France).

        I am at the moment rebuilding my vehicle and have not yet got to re-installing all the electrics so I’m in an ideal position to fit this in, What make of alarm would you suggest would be compatible, I am looking to install an alarm / immobiliser that is Thatcham Category 1 rated.

        Regards Phil.

      • tommy says:

        Hi, I am an expert do it your selfer and novice engineer. I have a new truck and, some one is stealing my gas from in front of my girlfriends house at night. A locking gas cap can be easily foiled and is not an option, this guy isnt too stupid. I am fully capable of conjuring up an automated grounding device. Your link doesnt work and, i want to buy the kit or have whatever info you have to construct such a device, withyour permission of course. Thank you, Tommy

  14. jamale says:

    I need this ASAP

  15. Phil says:

    Tesla coil. Use the current as your ground.

  16. Ben says:

    Do you know the legalities of this in the UK? Also, I’d be very interested in testing this in a Land Rover Defender, the most stolen car in the Uk.



  17. C. Pfister says:

    On the grounding issue, couldn’t you simply run a (most likely zinc) wire from the body/chassis back to the negative terminal on the battery?

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      Yes, but you also need to ground the car. The tires insulate the vehicle from the ground. THAT’S the tricky part.

  18. Craig says:

    Regarding your grounding problem.

    Why not have a simple item based around an electric antenna linked to the cars speed control. In the same way as modern cars lock doors past ~5mph you could take a feed from this and have the antenna retract once the car starts moving.

    Add a small metal wheel or bearing onto the end of the antenna and at speeds below 5mph it will just roll along the ground maintaining contact without doing damage to itself.

    So think automatic car antenna placed upside down under the car body with a wheel/bearing on the end of it. Antenna extends, makes contact with ground. Car starts moving, wheel/bearing rotates and then above 5mph the antenna retracts.

  19. Ben Long says:

    An attempted theft of my motorbike brought me here, sounds promising especially if there is opportunity to link the shock to bike locks (if someone were to try cutting the chain for example). I do have a suggestion for your earthing issue though, a back facing, sprung swing arm. Extended by a piston, similar to what you’re describing now but the physical movement of the car rolling forward would push the armature backwards and the spring would do the rest of the work lifting it clear. Just like on a bike’s centre/kick stand. Worth a try?

  20. Clifton Shober says:

    I am thinking of getting this unit. I was just curious about the electronics. I have a 2005 Tahoe that has been broken into will this do anything to the electronics? Is this just an electric fence unit off the shelf or did you do something different to it? From my understanding it has to be a unit hooked up to a 12 volt source and not an electric fence unit you plug into the wall is that correct?

  21. stephany says:

    Im very interested in our product. i bought a new car 3 months ago and the already stole something from it while i was shopping. so please tell me … for how much and how to installed it cause im not from usa. im from south america.
    but what is i accidentally touch my car if its activated?

  22. John Morris says:

    Since you advertise the 9000 as a unit that will deter thieves and vandals as well as car jackers, how do you plan to use a grounded activating system when the vehicle is stopped at a traffic light or a stop sign?

    Why not keep the ground internal with a one-way power cable to the unit then ground it internally to the vehicle frame.

    Because you use a low Amp circuit to deliver the shock you should not need an exterior ground.

    Most door handles today are plastic, so you can’t power through them, but consider how a potential thief or car jackers touches the car.

    Physically grounding the car can be done by attaching an activator to the grounding device so when you turn on the ignition it will enable the external ground, whether a chain, strap or springy metal strap that magnetizes and demagnetizes to raise and lower it.

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      Interesting idea, John. Automatic retraction of the grounding plate when the vehicle starts moving is what’s keeping us from going to market.

      I’ll pass your idea on to engineering. Thank you!

  23. Steven says:

    Do you have any Distributors in Texas?

  24. Gypsy says:

    Preepers and other security uses are great but I deal with more dangerous animals that main and kill many people in Yellowstone Park and other areas all over the world. These aggressive animals known as Grizzly Bears, bears, Mountain Lions, tigers and all the wild cat family rhino’s elephants etc would be warded off if the voltage was a bit higher. I’ve seen what a Grizzly will do to a camper hard (aluminum) side trailer opening it up like paper just to get at the food smell inside. I travel all over America and other Countries and sell protects as well would like to sell your Zapper too. I set uo in many shows across the country and am known by my “Mad Max” style survival van RV that has se urity screen protecting all the windows including screen over drivers door. I use the old Model T coil now as a shocker from the 6 volt to 12 volt it keeps everyone away and most animals. Dogs pee on the tires THEY DON’T do it again! To me doomsday preepers as seen on TV are a joke. I’ve built survival vehicles for 45 years with solar panels, long term storage, everything needed to survive includin fresh water. Your product will sell great in the different places I set up through shows and hands on experience to the State and Forest Service vehicles, campers etc. I already have orders for your product and more for a flete of vehicles.

    As for grounding the steel wheel is a good ideal but look at what RV’s use. A spring pulls it up as soon as the RV starts to move saving any damage to the lift. It would be great to win a free Zapper but you need to consider those in my field of work with wild animals and a Zapper that will save lives everyday with more power or a control to turn up the voltage as normal electri wire does not effect Elk, Grizzly Bears etc. Make it a option for people who work around these kind of animals that they can adjust the voltage, and sell the regular Zapper to the rest.

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      We agree re: voltages, Gypsy. The 9500 volt energizer we use is the highest voltage 12-volt powered energizer made that is UL Approved. If you’re not worried about having UL approval, you can go to 25,000 volts.

  25. lee jones says:

    my idea for these is for parking car in paddock and stopping horses and cows from licking paint and braking mirrors etc. i need one now please.

  26. Wayne says:

    Sounds like a winner. I have a 6 volt positive ground (like many earlier British sports cars) 1950 Studebaker hobby car. This might be the time to buy the $10 instruction book on conversion to 12 volt, negative ground!

  27. Could this be used on a motorcycle? Or how big is the actual unit?

  28. jacksun says:

    I would like to know the contact details of which country is closest to Cambodia that sells your car zapper so to save shipping fees.

    Also would you be interested in having a dealer here in Cambodia?


    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      We don’t have any dealers in Cambodia, Jacksun, and would love to have one. The best way we’ve found to ship to Asia is with a freight forwarder. Do you have anybody you can recommend?

  29. Vicky says:

    Is this alarm legal in the UK?

  30. werner says:

    Where in pretoria can I find a car zapper 9000

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      We don’t have a distributor in Africa yet, Werner, but we ship all over the world. Fedex International Economy is $210 US for shipping. US Postal Service is $89 shipping, but their tracking numbers usually end the trace when the package gets to South Africa. These prices include insurance. Email me directly and I’ll help you however I can –

  31. jacksun says:

    We are a security business and are interested in your product. Please contact me about your car zapper. my skype is ryhanna828.

  32. Alex says:

    You know that car zapper works when the vehicle is on rubber tires, what happens if it starts to rain and tires become wet? tires can not isolate car body from the ground and it zaps continuously through car tires until the battery goes dead. do you have any solution for this problem?

  33. Walid Amr says:

    What about shipping to Egypt? any one ordered it before? Also can I add a timer so that it is not connected to the car alarm and I can set it to run only withing early morning hours to avoid zapping “touching by chance” people – while they also deserve it – but lets assume they mean no harm. Also a discharge button would be helpful cz I donot want to get zapped by my own car. I have a Dodge Ram 1500 2012 and all of the “RAM Head, RAM 1500 and 4×4″ lables were gone :(

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      We ship anywhere in the world, Walid. Yes, you can add a timer or remote control relay to the circuit. Remote control relays with key fobs run about $20 US on

  34. The shock is ok but if you are away, then after the shock the person might throw something at the car to create damage. If the system would sence a person touching the car and sends a signal simular to a pagger to the owner along with a small camera inside the car to capture the person which touched the car it would be useful to capture and convict the person who wanted to violate the vehicle. There are cameras very small and can be hidden in the metrics of the car frame.
    Dr. Don Law

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      Good point, and a good suggestion, Donald.

    • John says:

      but what happens if it goes off accidentally while refuelling – could easily cause a spark around the filler nozzle and an explosion? I know it shouldn’t be armed or active while refuelling – but – mistakes happen !! Sounds a bit dangerous?

      Or if a guy who gets zapped happens to have a pacemaker or heart condition – is it really non-lethal in all medical circumstances?

  35. Back a ways the cars use to have a rubber strap with carbon inbeded into the strap which was attached to the car frame and when the vehicle is in motion the strap is above the ground from the air going by in the movement. Once the car is stopped the strap free fall to the ground and carbon makes the ground connection. You can get carbon fiber in a roll at different thickness and what I vision is about 2 inches wide and 1/4 thick and the length will vary depending on the distance from the car fraim to the ground plus a little to make sure it touches the ground.
    By the way how much is the system and I can make you a proto type ground strap to use and test.

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      That’s a good idea, Donald. At 62, I remember the anti-static straps, and that’s the first thing we tried. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give a good enough ground (I got several straps from the junk yard, and we also tried making our own). We tried a length of chain, too. Not a good enough ground. The plate on a hydraulic ram has worked the best so far.

      Thanks for your suggestion!

    • John says:

      As an alternative to an earth strap, why not alternate the zaps between +ve and -ve, and let the capacitance of the car to ground act as the return circuit. Alternating polarity should stop a fixed charge building up on the car? Then no earth strap required?

      I’ve also been told that modern tyres are built to be slightly conductive to avoid static buildup. If this is true – is a separate ground actually required at all?

  36. Alejandro says:

    Thank you for the replay. Will an anti static car tail work for the needed ground? Also what would happen if a thief is with his finger on the trigger and receives a shock, will it make him fire?

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      The antistatic car tail is usually rubber, Alejandro. It doesn’t work. Re: finger on trigger – we don’t know; we’ll have to test that. My experience with this says, “No,” but we’ll have to test it to find out for sure.

  37. Alejandro says:

    Hi i was thinking to use it just with a pánic button, in the case a thief tries to open the car while I’m inside the car. Two questions: Does the car has to be grounded to the road for this to work? If the thief is armed, will the electric shock make his finger pull the trigger with the compression of the muscles ?

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      The panic button is part of the final system, Alejandro. The Car Zapper can also be attached to existing security systems.

      And you’re right, the vehicle does have to be grounded to the road for the Zapper to work. What’s holding back production is legal department’s approval of the automatic grounding device.

      When you hit the panic button the hydraulic arm slaps the grounding plate to the pavement, giving a great ground for the Car Zapper 9000 to work.

      It’s the automatic retraction if the vehicle starts moving, that our attorneys have issues with. If you take off quickly when the panic button is engaged, you can bend the hydraulic piston. Quick, automatic retraction at an affordable price is our bugaboo right now.

      Anyone have any suggestions?

      • Dr. Jim Carey says:

        This is also why we’ve issued the Car Zapper kit, Alejandro. I’m sure some inventive individuals will solve the problem, and we’re waiting to see what they come up with.

        • Michael says:

          What if you got steel wheel on the end of retraction arm, instead of plate, pressurized with HD spring, the wheel would prevent damage to the arm if the vehicle suddenly start to move…

          • Dr. Jim Carey says:

            That looks like a good idea, Michael. We’ll check it out and let you know how it works out. Thank you!

  38. Adam says:

    I’m in Canada is this device legal up there?

  39. Guy says:

    What a great product. You should make a portable version for bikes, motorcycles, bbqs and stuff like lawn ornaments. A multifunctional device that can protect anything you want it too. It is not always theft, lots of times it just senseless vandalism.

  40. Bob says:

    Will be a welcome add on for my Jeep Cherokee…..Please let me know when available.


  41. jason chew says:

    aslo would work great for heavy equipment. lots of equipment is left out over nite unprotected and i know fuel is stollen quite often

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      Yep, anything with tires on it, Jason. It won’t work on ‘dozers unless you park it on rubber tires at night.

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      The more I think about your suggestion, the greater it is, Jason! What a huge market!

      Thank you.

  42. jason chew says:

    my idea would be to adapt it for use on motor cycles, quads and snowmobiles. i would imagine that a zap to the crotch would be rather motivating

  43. Eddie says:

    I have a pager system alarm where I have a remote with an LCD screen and tells me the status of my vehicle; is there a possible way for the car zapper, when shocking the potential thief, be connected to my alarm so it triggers my warning chirps, which allows me to know my car has been touched?

  44. Ron B says:

    Sounds like a good product. Let me know when it’s ready to sell and I will decide if I want to purchase one, Thanks.

  45. Kris says:

    Hi, I have a 2012 ssangyong korando spr do u think it would work on that??

  46. bob hasbe says:

    please give me an email if/when you get this on the market. thanks!

  47. Brian Dempsey says:

    IM in let me in on this when they are ready

  48. Alex says:

    So let me know when I can get it

  49. alice says:

    I want to know will this schock some one if they are messing with your wheels or aliangment of car or your sway bars.

  50. Bogdan says:

    Idea for you: Combine it with a keyless entry card that automatically unlocks and locks the car doors when you are a few meters from the car, otherwise the owner will be the most usual victim and will probably give up your alarm. I, at least have the habit of checking the car’s door after I lock it or sometimes I do not press the button well or the car does not unlock at first push and I try to open the door and it is locked ( I would get a nice shock). Also, some cars when you push the button on the key to open the trunk leave the doors locked.

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      Good idea. We’ll see about designing a delay into the normal activation system, one that will be bypassed if you hit the panic button.


  51. Bogdan says:


    I’m very interested in one of these.
    But there is something that I do not understand. You put impulses od 10KV through the chasis and thus the whole ground of the car, including all electronics. How is the electronics protected from these shocks? I can see that when a person is actually touching the car most of the shock is going to that person, but otherwise the shock will find its way through the ecu and other electronics to the battery’s positive pole.
    I have not studied this problem well, but at first sight my intuition tells me that this will damage the electronics in the car over time.
    Do you offer any guarantee that this will not happen?
    Thanks and let me know when it is available.

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      The electronics of your car are already isolated, Bogdan, otherwise they wouldn’t last a week, if only because of the HV ignition system.

  52. Phil says:

    Hi Dr. Jim, I am living in Thailand and every morning my mag wheels are drowned in dog pee. If the unit is wire into the alarm system as you describe, will the mags be alive to shock their willie when the pee on the mags? Also will you ship me a unit to Thailand when you have released them. I am sure there is a huge market here for a unit like this.
    Thanks. Phil

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      The mags attach to the wheels to the axles to the frame. Thus, they are hot when the system is on, and, yes, dogs learn to stop pissing on cars after only one or two lessons.


      Production has been set back again, but we released a do-it-yourself model today:

      We appreciate your interest!


  53. Noel J. Paul says:

    I have heard of a problem that your fine product can help. If I win don’t send me one just the stickers and the lights.Now to that problem. Mark a guy I know had his boat gas Siphonend. It put him in quite a spot. His boat was a 30 footer with no moter control on the Rouge River.Dead in the water. If there were a way for it to work on his property at night that would be very helpful.
    Thank you Noel J.Paul

  54. Douglas Thomas says:

    I am buying a 2014 Corvette Stingray and I want one of these. GREAT IDEA!

  55. Randy Hartwright says:

    I have been looking for this for years. Please let me know when they are available for purchase as I need at least 5 of them asap. Thanks!

  56. Anthony L says:

    So i’m a little confused about how the car is grounded. I have an electric fence around my hard and i can hold onto the wire as long as i have shoes on. Once i take my shoes off is when i get shocked. When somebody touches the car, do they have to be barefoot? And how does it make a complete circuit through the rubber tires?

  57. Luca says:

    Very interesting!
    But what about shipping outside USA?

  58. Manni says:

    We have a 40ft metal container sitting at our flying field where we store several expensive items. We got broken into and I am wondering if the car zapper could be used to hook up the container to it???

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      Yes, Manni. We use prototype Car Zappers on our construction trailers at Intelligent Fencing Systems. They’ll run for a month on a car battery, and we’ve never had one broken into. They’re actually much easier to set up on stationary equipment than on autos. I’ll let you know when we start shipping.

  59. Ann says:

    So let me get this right, if someone tries to steel my rims they will get an electric shock? I hope this is the case last week someone stole all 4 of my car’s rims and left it on blocks. To replace my rims and tires cost $4200, plus they are back ordered, so the inconvenience is worst. I live in the Bahamas can I buy this now ans install it along with a car alarm system, I have a 2012 Hyundai Veloster.

  60. gary pitt says:

    hi ya pls keep me on your lists ill use it in philippines :) sould put kidnappers away while thay try get in car and car nappers

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      Like I said in the TV interview today, Gary, production has been set back again because of automation problems with the panic button/anti-kidnapping feature, but we released a do-it-yourself model today:

      We appreciate your interest!


  61. Vit says:

    This is awsome, finally this kind of product will be available in the U.S. My car has been broken in to three times by breaking the window and opening the door from the inside. I do have a car alarm but obviously that is not enough. You guys should include an option to where it activates when the car alarm turns on or the door is opened from the inside the car in case the Zapper is otherwise turned off. Also to consider a very high pitched sound to agitate the ear drums. You can call it the Ultimate Zapper 10000.

  62. Silas Boden says:

    I would love to be on the “early bird” list for this, I’m in Tampa, so I’m very close by but would need the version that works when you do not have an alarm or power locks. Willing to use it as a test for you if you want. We can work out a deal on that.

  63. How can a person protect himself I saw this adult person that had his jacket,
    with Electrical wires that when A thief try’s to grab him, he would press something on his Jacket and the thief would get a shock, he would let go and run away, But American GREED would not allow it, I was it on A TV. show.
    i would see it as for safety reason, they can help the older people.

  64. Austin says:

    DR. Jim, I would also like to talk to you about possible employment or business opportunities would I be better off to contact you about this through e mail our the phone number listed up above? Also I live over in california, I don’t know if being on both east and west coast would help the company out, or just add extra stress to handle. But back to employment opportunities I may be willing to relocate if the price is right as well

  65. Austin says:

    sorry about the two comments on the same subject my computer froze and didn’t show that the first comment was posted so I thought that it didn’t post, I don’t intend to be overly repeatative. And in regards to the post above about not wanting to shock everybody that accidently brushes up against your vehicle I have a possible solution to that problem but I dont exactly want to post my ideas to open space with the risk of other people going for the same production plan to steal ideas.

  66. Austin says:

    Damn I just stumbled across this website because for the last few years I’ve been wanting to make an electric shock security system for my truck and other people with nicer vehicles than mine. Especially from my experiences of people stealing things in and on my truck, one time that a drunk guy I knew decided to take it out for a joy ride when I left and the other time that a man in stocton decided to attempt to walk up to me at a stop light and try to steal my truck (you can’t tell from driving by that I keep my truck very nicely armed). I wouldn’t of had to get scared and do serious harm to the stupid thief if I had my truck charged up to simply knock him on his ass and drive away lol as well as all other circumstances that would be easily avoided by getting a good surprising shock. I guess you guys already beat me to actually doing something about the idea instead of just thinking about it forever, although I think I do have a couple different ideas on how to set the system up and a thing our two to add to the whole system.

  67. Daniel says:

    I would like a heads up please

  68. Ken Sears says:

    Will it work on a Jeep Wrangler – standard?

  69. Paul Skeet says:

    Brilliant! Just what I’ve been looking for! I’m fed up with the thieving scum that obviously think because we have insurance we’ll just get another claim in. Little do they realise how much hassle all the filing reports with the police and making another insurance claim actually is, not to mention the pain of being without your vehicle while the repairs are being dealt with….and all just so they can feed their damn drug or booze habit or whatever.

    All 5 vans I’ve had, have been vandalised in thefts, more than once each, so NO, this isn’t a good area to live in. I want to punish these scum because the damn police can’t catch ‘em!

    Count me in for a couple of these Zappers at the least, and I may even become a UK agent for you too!

    I don’t give a damn about someone accidentally leaning up against the van, dogs peeing on it, kids touching it, or whatever, and if some low life wants to have a go at me in court over it, I’ll make sure it becomes a national press issue & media debate, which will be good publicity!

    P Skeet, Surrey, England

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      I’m with you, Paul!

      • P Skeet says:

        I will agree with one of your correspondents that some verbal or audible warning before the ‘strike’ is a good idea (although I’m not trying to play fair!) More from the innocents consideration if parking close to a path on a side street.

        I had been contemplating a teargas cannister release into the van triggered by any door or window being opened, but it could leave some nasty resides in the vehicle I wouldn’t want to have to sit amongst.

        My father, God rest his soul, would also have gone for this concept whole heartedly!

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:


      Production has been set back again, but we released a do-it-yourself model of the Car Zapper today:

      We appreciate your interest!


  70. Jason blackwell says:

    great idea let me know when they are ready to sell

  71. Toni Stevens says:

    Let me know when they go on sale….

  72. Finn says:

    Will it affect the electronics inside the car? and also, can I have it “ON” while the car is running? Thanks.

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      If you mount the energizer under the hood, it might, Finn. In the trunk, it doesn’t.

      The problem of keeping it on when the vehicle is running is the grounding method. If you use the solid telescoping post, no, you can’t. But you could substitute a short length of grounding chain, and then you could leave it on.

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      We released a do-it-yourself model of the Car Zapper today, Finn:

      We appreciate your interest!


  73. Michael says:

    I’m ready, where I can buy you product?

  74. Sheri says:

    I have a 2010 Camaro and people keep hitting it and scratching it all the time. I am so tired of having to fix it because it is black and everything shows up on it. I can’t wait for this to come out!

    I am on several forums and groups on facebook relating to muscle cars and I am going to paste your link out there so others will know about this. I think this is a wonderful idea!

  75. jose says:

    Thanks Dr. Carey, and keep me in touch when they are ready for purchase. i would love to have one in my car.

  76. jose says:

    Hello I am in the Philippines as well and people at the windows begging is a huge problem. I have a couple suggestions and maybe i can win a prototype :)

    1) a choice of languages besides english to sound off when the proximity alarm is activated
    2) a door opening or window opening STEALTH feature that only shocks when the windows are rolled down or up or when the door is cracked open (ensuring your car is actually broken into!)
    3) an anti-carjacking STEALTH feature that lets the thief take your car but automatically locks the doors and windows and sends an audible signal inside that says “vehicle is armed and will electrocute you if you attempt to exit!”
    4) Another stealth feature that arms when the thief is in the car then shuts down and locks doors and windows and sends an audible warning “car is armed an will electrocute you if you attempt to leave!” THEN A GPS SIGNAL IS SENT TO THE OWNERS PHONE OR THE POLICE DEPT. to locate the car easily..JUST THE THOUGHT OF GETTING SHOCKED WILL KEEP THE THIEF FROM ESCAPING.
    5) Alarm sends a text when your cars electrifying circuit has been activated.

    FUTURE: Maybe have one with a pepper spray nozzle activated once the thief takes off with the car effectively leaving the thief a crying mess once you show up!!!

    Let me know if any of my ideas are helpful and if i can get a free prototype please! thanks! You have my e-mail address

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      Thank you, Jose. Some of those are really good suggestions. We’ll take them into consideration and remember your help.

      Dr. Jim

    • Roch says:

      I am as well from the Philippines and I have the same problem – those beggars on the streets that damage my car by drawing lines if I don’t give them money. I love all your suggestions. :)

    • Roch says:

      Those are really great ideas! I am also from the Philippines and I would like to have this prototype with all your suggestions here. :)

  77. Amy Morris Shalosky says:

    I have crappy cars and live in a crappier neighborhood where our cars are always being broken into, so this sounds AWESOME! Problem is, our vehicles are old and don’t have electronic door locks or alarms. Is there a way to get this system to work with an older vehicle? Perhaps its own on/off key fob?

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      Yes, Amy. The CarZapper is designed to work with any vehicle. Many of our customers are collectors and have older vehicles, too. Thanks for asking. Jim Carey

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      Agreed re: key fob. There are some tech updates on the website, just posted today, Amy.

      We released a do-it-yourself model of the Car Zapper today:

      We appreciate your interest!


  78. Robert says:

    Let me know when they are avaible.

  79. J. R. Meynardie says:

    What about guys like me that have a pacemaker/defib. implant. If we happen to brush against a car with a Zapper on are we headed to the hospital or morgue ?? Makes me a little up tight waking through a parking lot !!! I see the need for it but in some areas but ………

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      These things are UL approved, JR (that means “safe for humans”). As such, the pulse is too short and quick to affect a pacemaker, they tell me.

  80. thomas says:

    you think it will work on a 1969 chevy truck that do not have automatice starter i need a truck alarm where someone touches any where on my truck it goes off

  81. Zoe Williamson says:

    Hi everyone! I would like to apply for the job you call booth babe. I’m 27 and been a figure model for 9 years! I just did a 40 hours spokesperson course! :) I live in Orlando. :( I always though that auto shows are sexy and exciting and would love to work with you guys! I think the car zapper is really neat! :-)


    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      Sure, Zoe. It’ll be next Spring before we start doing trade shows, but you can email me your resume (or do you call it a “portfolio?”) and you’ll be at the top of the list when we start interviewing.

      Dr. Jim Carey

    • Zoe says:

      K I’ll do tht today. Thank you very much. My BFF Brittany that I went to college with and sometimes do shoots with has a good idea that I like too. You could buy a cute little car like a Miata convertible or maybe a BMW or whatever, as long as it’s cute and not too big becuase they’re hard and scary to drive, and put a car zapper 9000 in it and then Brittany and me could drive round the country like to malls and clubs and stuff and show people how the car zapper works and we could have like this big pillow see, and run around behind people and catch them if they fall down after being zapped and we could tell people all about the zapper and sell lots of them for you and if we do that we don’t have to wait for the spring shows and could start like now, see? And i have a laptop already a cute pink apple and we could like send you emails every day and do orders for you online and all of that, too!. So what do you think? You should email me at this email address because it goes to my phone as a text and not to my laptop because sometimes I forget to check websites after i do postings but if you do that i’ll send you my phone number and you can text me because that’s better than email, don’t you agree?.


  82. Jason says:

    Looks like it will be fun to demonstrate at auto shows… LOL

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      I’m looking forward to it… I was thinking about a sign that says “Wet Paint” – because people always have to touch it to see if it’s still wet. LOL

  83. Deb says:

    I think it is a wonderful idea… should have known you were not just sitting back and relaxing. Though I was a bit concerned about children not paying attention and getting zapped . I think the audible warning is a fantastic idea…. Hope it fly’s…looks like it will and I’ll bet it fly’s high… : ) Booth babes or none ….. : )

  84. Larry says:

    I still think you should market it with an audible warning which plays when anyone approaches the vehicle, this already exists because I have seen it.

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      Excellent suggestion, Larry. I know just what you’re talking about; I’m off to find a wholesaler right now (unless engineering decides we can do-it-ourselves).

      • Larry says:

        What I remember is that at about three feet the deep man’s voice said “Please step away from the car. “

        • Dr. Jim says:

          Found it, along with others that allow us to embed our own recording, and/or allow the end user to make their own recording. I’ve got a bunch of sample units on order for evaluation.

          This job gets to be More Fun every day.

          Thanks again for the great suggestion. You’ll be getting a free Car Zapper 9000 in the mail.

          • Tiffany says:

            Please make this as an option. I personally dont want the sound. I am planning on using this for a bug out situation. I also think you should advertise this on Doomsday preppers show on natgeo tv. This will be a HUGE hit for preppers.

        • TR says:

          If you you ever feel like hearing that same voice again, tune in to a video of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee, chaired by Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA). Issa was CEO of Directed Electronics in the 1990s, and their Viper systems used his own recorded voice as part of the deterrents.

  85. Ricki says:

    That is just AWESOME! I sent it to two collector-car aficionados! I think it will do well! You need to get a booth at the Barrett Jackson auto auction (every year, only high-cost, collector type extraordinary vehicles). Check that out, Jim!!!

    Good luck with this one!!


  86. Robert says:

    You mean the current will penetrate through a car’s paint? What if the door handles are plastic?

    By the way, we are interested in your fence alarm.


    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      Yes, Robert. Paint is so thin that current goes right through it. Plastic door handles don’t conduct, but you usually touch the metal when grabbing the handle.


  87. Karen says:

    Holy moly bubba!


  88. Gary says:

    Hot Damn .. I love it … now all those little shit begging kids who come up to the car and smear up my windows will get a hell of a surprise … but over here in the Philippines, LTO would find some way to blame me and extort money from me…

  89. AreYouKiddingMe says:

    OMG. I can see it now! All kinds of critters getting zapped when they touch up against or land on the vehicle…that’s what happens when you can’t read the warnings, eh? Lawyers will be lining up to rep. folks who get zapped. Will be interesting to see how it goes for you. :-)

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      No different than an electric fence. OMG, we just realized – the Car Zapper will teach the neighbor’s dog not to pee on your mag wheels!

      Critters that land on the vehicle won’t be affected – you have to be grounded to get zapped.

    • Dr. Jim Carey says:

      According to the attorneys, all of the related lawsuits, like for electric fences, result from plugging directly into 110 or 220 volt AC power (a “fry fence”), or from using multiple energizers, which results in an unregulated voltage.

      Because the Car Zapper 9000 uses UL listed and approved components in the approved manner, it’s lawsuit-proven and legally considered “safe for humans,” and thus also safe for livestock, domestic and wild animals. We had no problem finding product liability insurance.

      “Unpleasant” isn’t the same as “harmful.”

      • Tiffany says:

        I LOVE THIS…. this will be great for “preppers” that are preparing for when the SHTF..this will be a great way to protect your valuables when you have to bug out!!! AWESOME… i will definately be buying this

  90. Dale says:

    Hot Damn! … now I can juice all those nasty people that lean up against my car at the stoplights … I bet it works better than a regular car alarm also …. good job … a product worthwhile. Thanks!

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